How Savory is Your Slavery?

To quote the great Malfeus X:

“Though the demons may ride us with horns, every horse chooses its rider.”

On a random draw from the Inopinum, I cut to The Babe of Tongue:

The Babe of Tongue


What does this mean? Well, the suit of Tongue represents the third god of the High Six which represents obsession with truth and the insanity of perception. As the Babe, it shows that I have entered a new beginning and have begun a search for justification to rationalize myself and my actions.

With time, more will come to The suit of Tongue is the most productive of the six suits. It is proliferate in its creation and as the first of the statues of this suit, it shows a journey in to creation. Or maybe not…

The Rooms


The Rooms are a curse. They are a place most steeped in stagnation within the Library Labyrinth. By drawing the curse of The Rooms as the second card it shows that while I have just begun anew, I am still plagued by the stagnant foothold that is The Rooms. Once you partake of their cursed fumes, you are entranced by the ease of what life could be under their lies. This is a warning. The third and final card will tell me what must be done to avoid the evil of The Rooms:

The Rooms


It is a mistake to cut into The Inopinum without discarding drawn cards. Otherwise you risk what just happened. A repeat of The Rooms is no longer a warning, but prophecy. This is doom. Doomed to¬†stagnancy. Doomed to evil. This is where I am. This is where I must escape…

The only advice I ever give is the same advice I give myself every day:

“Good luck.”