The Blood Conspiracy

Blood Hands

If you asked people what the main religion of the United States is the majority would say Christian. Every president to date has claimed to be a Christian. The vast majority of politicians say the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. True Christianity wouldn’t rationalize away mass murder and debauchery. No, that’s Vampirism and America is hands down the most blood thirsty nation in the world.

Jared Leto recently posted on his Instagram a picture of himself from 2004 beside a picture of himself in 2014. The older picture admittedly looks younger and healthier. The only caption to this picture was two words: Human blood. And yeah, I follow Jared Leto on Instagram.


Did you know that young blood is the fountain of youth? Yeah, you can totally live forever as long as you start drinking the blood of young people. Or at least that’s what the News wants you to believe.

The list goes on and on of celebrities using human blood in one way or another. Lady Gaga bathed in a tub full of blood as reported by the housecleaning staff of the hotel she was staying in. Kim Kardashian has had blood facials. Ke$ha is always doing something with blood or piss.

keshablood My favorite website has long told the narrative of celebrities practicing blood drinking rituals and human sacrifices. Jennifer Lopez sacrifices virgins. Jodie Foster drank Kristen Stewart’s period blood. The list goes on. Even the Red Cross is being used as a way to farm blood from the masses and feed it to the elite class of celebrity vampires.

Unfortunately, the website was taken down and is still not up. I call conspiracy on that shit.

The first two words of my novel March The Damned are “Fuck vampires.” I mean that even outside the fictional context. A vampire wouldn’t call themselves a vampire. I’m well aware of the Vampire community and no, these people are not vampires. Vampires are parasites that use and end the lives of others to benefit themselves and their selfish desire for eternal life. They prey on the weak because they themselves are afraid of their own weaknesses.


So yeah, fuck vampires. Fuck anyone that’s going to worship themselves and their own parasitic life above anything else. By that definition, probably all presidents have been vampires. All celebrities, sports stars and corporate heads are vampires. That asshole that gave you shit in school: vampire. That dick you let borrow money to that you’ll never see again: vampire. That lying bitch that smiles to your face while shitting on you behind your back: vampire.

Or maybe not. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about and maybe these are just coincidences that don’t actually point to any kind of blood drinking conspiracy. Maybe, but then I’ll leave it up to you to rationalize away the fact that George W. Bush is a descendant of the most famous vampire that ever lived.


… …


+I’m not a Christian.
+The above is all bullshit.
+My blood tastes bad.
+Please don’t kill me.
+Read my book.
+Fuck vampires.