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The God of Tongue 049-055

The Null of Tongue

“I have never been one to say what I think. I try and the try is always a fail. Words can destroy one who is not careful and careful I’ve never been. Better to grasp forget-ness than incite pertubance.”

The Two of Tongue

“I found love early in life, before my rod knew why it stood for the ladies with perks out from everywhere. Their eyes perked, their hips perked, their cheeks flushed with blood, red and bulged, and those lashes, the long fluttering appendages of their delicate lids were like soft centipedal legs that beckoned me, magnetizing my groin to their mystery conduits.”

The Three of Tongue

“The hope for the love I wanted from the women I wanted incinerated as we grew. They were swept away from my eyes with men of better promises and I myself then found myself promised to The Hall of Tongue where knowledge was all there was and women were nothing but temptresses of the oppressing untrue god. The God of Eyes lived inside each heart of the wicked doves I used to adore and after sailing down The Budded Isle to begin my education, I feared I would never see a feather again. Only scales and tails and venomous ejaculates.”

The Four of Tongue

“The Hall of Tongue was as I expected. No one cared to listen. Everyone was desperate to speak. Even in times where they did let you say your mind, it was only in reprieve for what next they would say. The teachers left no room for question. The assignments were long and arduous. I found solace in the library only. There I would read the scrolls of XZICXY and considered the dead god to be the only worthy mentor.”

The Five of Tongue

“It was on a night of the grinning moon that I followed the Elders out in to the Hanging Jungle. The monotony of endless text had spun my brain in to a state of restless agony and I needed the sound of inhuman life desperately. I kept out of view behind a drooping fern and listened to them chant words I could not understand over the croaks of reptile life everywhere. They spoke to a god I did not know and within my heart I knew them to be enemies of The God of Tongue. Enemies to XZICXY.”

The Six of Tongue

“When the world is so oppressing, so controlled, so infuriatingly deaf to all but their own reassuring tongues, there are only three options. The first was to fight and destroy them all. I, in my youth, dared not. The second was to pay them no mind and continue on as if I knew no better, allowing myself to become one with them and absorb their thoughts into my own so that my mind would find comfortable demise in their back patting. This I would not, for if I had attempted, no doubt my stubborn tongue would have found its way in the end. The third was my only sound option. The third is what I chose. I waited, secretly collecting the complete works of XZICXY before I made my way away from The Hall of Tongue as far as the god it was named for would allow.”

The Soul of Tongue

“I knew not where to go and so i dared not presume to. Instead, I fled. When my eyes were of no use I used my hands to lead me through the endless brush of the jungle. Once my heart knew itself safe I relieved myself of my luggage, the works of my only master. No food, no water, no belongings, just the words of XZICXY. I closed my eyes as I crossed my legs and opened my mouth to speak his words. I was still a boy then, still a slave, and expected nothing from my desperate act of hope. The God of Tongue did not appear, for my eyes were unnecessary. Instead, my lips parted and without control, my humble organ fluttered his speech. It wasn’t until dawn that I could again see and from his words I knew exactly how to prepare for his return.”