MARCH the Short Film

“I’m not a writer, I’m a liar.” -Jeremiah Israel

This movie project started out with me trying to answer questions to an author interview. I became frustrated and realized that if this was a real interview I would never be able to get through it without taking the conversation into an insane conspiracy laced tangent. That’s how I work and that’s why I prefer face to face interaction opposed to answering a list of questions. I imagined myself sitting down across from someone and trying to convince them of the satanic media’s goal to adjust the mind patterns of people around the world. I imagined myself getting stupid drunk and berating this interviewer who would then have their camera men hold me back from sloppily attempting to force them to drink with me.

This of course would never happen but it put the thought in my head and I never answered the interview questions.

A month later I was acting in my friend Joel Hornbarger’s movie called GoGo Hatchback Overdrive as the angrily insane and cartoonish villain. I brought up the idea of him helping me do a book trailer. Maybe two minutes long. He nodded, noted the date and weeks later his wife contacted me about specifics, asking for a script so they could scout locations.

I forgot about the whole two minute thing and wrote up a script for what would end up as an eleven and a half minute short film. Joel was up to the challenge and didn’t give me shit for multiplying the complexity of the project by ten even though I deserved it.

I bought new Nike’s and drove to Nashville wired and listening to The Flying Zombies soundtrack. Permuted Press was having a get together and book signing at the Nashville Comic Con. I was still wired when I met everyone and I remember their wary eyes as I rambled on about pop music, satanism and this movie I was going to be making, all the while drinking from a flask. We rode on a tour bus and I tried to get the other author’s to drink with me. It took some convincing. No one knew anything about me besides my book cover and title.

I almost got into a fight with a stranger because he made fun of my hair. My quick speech made it very apparent that I would love to fight him, all the while threatening him, asking if he thought I was a pretty boy and if that’s why he likes my hair. Everyone was already not so sure about this random raving drunk named Jeremiah Israel that uses more swear words than regular words. I let it go and got more drunk.

The next day I’m doing a book signing at a comic convention where no one knows me and I sell and sign no books. Strung out, soldiering on, I make it through and after the Permuted dinner I drive all night to Kentucky to make the movie.

I spend all day in a river. I vomit and I’m glad once I do because my stomach is empty and I have nothing more to throw up. Wading through sick stagnant creek water over and over. Back to do the interview scene, I don’t even know my own lines but I wrote them and so it doesn’t even matter and I make it up as I go. I drive all night for four hours and I come back the next week to set a desk on fire because its symbolic and shit. We take shots, drink beer and talk art and conspiracy.

The movie comes out and it’s awesome but some people were confused. I suppose it’s not clear what my purpose was. Was this supposed to help sell books? Was this supposed to just be entertaining? Are you trying to make this into a full movie? What’s the point?

I don’t know, man. I was just making awesome shit with awesome people. I couldn’t be more happy to have had the opportunity to work with someone as generous and talented as Joel Hornbarger.

So yeah, watch the movie. Buy my book if you want. Check out Joel’s website. Nothing in the movie is like the book. I really do think pop music is evil and shit. I really do love Goosebumps. March really is an evil entity that haunts my dreams and tells me what to write.

None of that is false and all of that is deceit. Regardless, no matter what you take from this, remember to be steadfast in your confidence and rest assured in who you are. If you make art, keep making art and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not. If people don’t understand you, good. When your character is called into question you have no need to respond. You have nothing to prove.

Let them make fun of your hair. Be ready to fight. Your hair is awesome and you’ll do a good thing choosing not to kick a deserving stranger’s ass.

MARCH, the short film, presented by Jeremiah Israel in association with Joel Hornbarger Media and Zach Gibson Audio.

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And of course, checkout the book that spawned all this madness: March The Damned