Conspiracies rule the world, or at least my world. With the release of my first book March The Damned, I am going to start blogging about conspiracy theories. As a disclaimer, I really don’t care whether any of these are true or not. There is something very interesting to me about mass deceit. The possibility that lies are more prevalent in the collective consciousness of today’s society than truth is only that: a possibility.

You can go mad trying to understand things for a fact which is why I simply don’t concern myself with facts. I choose to believe it’s all true or that none of it’s true and this belief changes everyday considering I don’t even believe in belief.

I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading and watching videos about conspiracy theories and the most bothering thing about them is that they parade their findings around as undeniable truth. Everyone wants to refute and negate theories while creating and pushing their own theories as facts. The mind of the human being is untrustworthy and flawed. We are all victims to perception and so proof to me is less than reliable.

So sure, September 11th was an inside job. Mind controlled patsies are shooting up schools and movie theaters. The levies in Louisiana were bombed and Disney has been waging a campaign of child sexualization in an attempt to normalize coming generations with pedophilia and depravity, as the mainstream media has already accomplised with homosexuality.

To quote Kanye West from Birthday Song, “I’m joking, I’m just serious,”

I aim to offend but I’ll leave this one disclaimer before the madness and magic of flawed logic and leapfrogged conclusions takes over with a quote from the greatest and most prolific author that never lived.

“Satire is the best way to reveal truth while simultaneously providing yourself with the best alibi known to man. The umbrella of satire is all encompassing so say what you want and be empowered, knowing that only the dense can reasonably take offense.” -Malfeus X

March The Damned



March The Damned: The Flying Zombies Trilogy Book One is now available in ebook and paperback here —>

Here is the description:

Movie director, alcoholic and all around asshole Dennis March’s plans for his next blockbuster are put on hold when Southern California is invaded by flying parasitic aliens that use people as hosts before discarding them as zombies. After local newscaster Kelly Stelly and crew save him from attack, he discovers that he has become partially infected with the alien DNA which changes his mind and body into something more alien than human. March quickly takes control of the group, renaming everyone and casting them as actors in the film that will save their lives and salvage his career.

Meanwhile, Military officer Shane Mitchell is anxious to get a piece of the action, but his superiors won’t lift the stand down order. After Professor Perry Prost makes a fool of him for disrupting his informative class on the aliens and zombies, Shane takes his action hungry Win Squad to take on the flying alien parasites and their hosts head on at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland.

March’s crew teams up with Little Boy Blam, a ten year old gangster from Compton, and uses his weapon and drug packed safe house to outfit his cast. No one knows the true secret to March’s new found power, or the conspiracy behind the alien attack, until they meet another of the partially infected. By refusing to join the alien collective in their evil conspiracy to consume the souls of all mankind, he instigates a losing battle against the most powerful controlling force in existence.

Flying Zombies deftly blends action, horror and satire into a ruthlessly humorous caricature of American pop culture and infectious paranoia. Its outrageous conclusion will either leave you laughing or deeply disturbed, but probably both.