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The God of Bones 056-062

The Null of Bones

“I will refrain from boring you with numbers though I prefer them. By profession I am a Mathematician. Most will never understand. Numbers are a language and without fluency, no man can know even one of The HIGHSIX.”

The Two of Bones

“I knew before any that the next birthing of The HIGHSIX would not come from one loyal to MAMOTH as was widely believed. The Council of Skol rejected my theory that JOKKOL was next in line as I expected they would. Even those faithful to The Sixth God turned away from my numerical logic. If they had experienced as I had, they would not have needed numbers.”

The Three of Bones

“I traveled in my youth to the Hall of Tongue by mostly boat over the Still Lakes of The God of Ears, down through the Waxing Wetlands and east along the Budded Isle where The God of Tongue speaks. Here I met with a Council of Elders who dressed and spoke in the ways of The Third God, but were secretly aligned with my Sixth. With their allegiance proven we set out to summon our God that he might tell us of his next arrival.”

The Four of Bones

“We summoned MAMOTH in fire and saw The Great Skull of our God, black within the orange flames. MAMOTH was without lower jaw and it wasn’t until The Serpent slithered from below MAMOTH’s teeth and then between his empty eyes that it rested atop the burning bone head. There it spoke a sequence none of us expected. ‘’.”

The Five of Bones

“I was confused with why MAMOTH spoke there in the Hanging Jungle of The God of Tongue opposed to Marrow City or the Skol Temple where I gave my annual sacrifice, but it was suggested that the conjoined power of MAMOTH and XZICXY, The Gods of Bone and Tongue, The Sixth and The Third, the purple and the green, was proof of a dark allegiance history had yet to see. In the number sequence The Serpent prophesied The Third and The Sixth were the second and third, leaving The God of Teeth as first of the coming reincarnation.”

The Six of Bones

“When I left The Hall of Tongue I brought nothing but the numbers in my head. The Council of Skol scoffed at my words and those were the last I spoke of them. Instead I did as they would have me, following orders, building wealth and awaiting the death of the last remaining God of The HIGHSIX. It was on the day that ETHAUM died, during his 22 days of mourning, that I left Marrow City for the second time in my life.”

The Soul of Bones

“The HIGHSIX are born as sextuplets. They live their lives, some dying as they go along despite their undoubted Godliness and power. Once all six have died, all six begin the process again, performing the immaculate conception that would bring six babes to birth with each one of them an embodiment of one of The Six Gods, The HIGHSIX. The first out of the womb is the strongest in power and influence, each one a little less from there until the last, but within the sequence there is also a deeper meaning. There are seven hundred and twenty different ways that the HIGHSIX could emerge from their mother. Each position of order for the respective God determines the fate of that God’s faithful followers. With The God of Bones, MAMOTH, ¬†prophesied to come third instead of first, and to be born in the orange lands opposed of our home of Marrow City, I knew I would not return from my travels unless I carried at least one babe in tow.”