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The Chameleon 004

The Chameleon

The following is an excerpt from Book 4 of LIVEONNOEVIL entitled Master Reset:

Gordo looked out over the water and the garden beyond. “In the name of Sahasa,” proclaimed Gordo, “Chameleons, I command you, bring me to the Garden.” Around him they appeared from nothing and took his body across the water, through the hanging vines and over the floating lily pads to the entrance where they dissipated as his feet touched the soft ground. He walked, but this time obeyed the winding path, following all of the twists and turns even where it would have been easier to skip ahead by passing through the veil of vines and shrubs.

Pink was right. Arms was wrong. It was a labyrinth, but only where it mattered. It was where it began for him and where the end would begin. The chameleons lined the path of the garden labyrinth and blinked their bodies in and out of visibility. It wasn’t a long way to the middle, but the garden took him everywhere within it but there first. Closer in to the middle, the fruit was brighter, the grass as well, and with every step forward the light of the Garden became stronger until he was standing in front of the tree having touched nothing on the way there.

He approached the tree slowly and knelt before it placing his sword before its trunk. He closed his eyes, but before he could speak, from above he heard, “Yo ho, Gordo!” He looked up to see Disloyal Games sitting on a branch, feet dangling and orange juice dripping from his mouth into his beard. “I underestimated you,” he said and jumped down beside Gordo. “Tricky boy. Tall tales of a snake in the tree, huh? Very good. Had me fooled considering it’s what they all say, I can’t blame myself for trusting you, but blame is worthless. What do you say? Let’s let bygones be bigots and have some fun.”

“Yes,” said Gordo. “We shall.”

“Alright! Glad to hear it! ‘Bout time you had the sense knocked out of ya. What about we go flip Sahasa’s Table? That’s always a good time, but…no. We need something better. Let’s see, we could messy Ills’ Room of Not with a fruit fight or better yet, mix up Meade’s Kitchen, free everything in the Exhibit. You know I would say start with Arms. It’s a shame, though. The Dungeon grows and grows. Ya know Fast has taken over the Multimedia Room. That might be fun, but maybe too easy.”

“We’ll do better, but first you must wait. I must be prepared.” Gordo turned his head to gaze up the tree. “If it is of your will then take me. Sahasa, free me from this prison of lies and strip me of my afflictions. Make me new for You.”

Games took a step back, scoffed, thought of something to say, but then laughed harder and harder until he caught his breath and opened his eyes to speak. But he didn’t. Instead, terror and fear startled him backwards until he fell into a shrub of orange glowing flowers. The black snake was long and so dark, its body a terrible void that brought Games into a shudder, the likes of which he hadn’t experienced in ages.

He sat with the orange light of the flowers illuminating his face as the snake curled its upper body around Gordo’s neck. It pulled him into the air still supported by the tree and Gordo didn’t struggle as its body turned bright neon green. As the color intensified, so did the pain and then Gordo was kicking until all of a sudden he wasn’t and his skin turned pale, reflecting green from the light of the snake. He remained there still for another moment until the snake’s head drooped below his feet and its mouth opened revealing the void before dropping Gordo in to disappear.

The Kitten 003

The Kitten

The following is an excerpt from Book 4 of LIVEONNOEVIL entitled Master Reset:

Gordo made it out of the moss stone maze. He knew his way that much, but from there the three story maze still didn’t completely make sense. He knew it had been stairs that led to the series of doors that Games had used to get them to the Multimedia section, but every time he found stairs they seemed to lead to where he’d already been. Ends’ calculations and recordings had him on a set route, none of which gave him any clue of where to go. He came out by the Everstream and turned back but his mind was scattered. Lost. It had happened before.

He sat down. Sooner or later he’d hear someone. They could help him. Days could’ve passed. He just couldn’t tell anymore. He tried to remember, to picture the route Games had taken him on, but memories weren’t what they’d been before this. He could remember words, ideas, but it became harder and harder to picture them.

The fog in his head snapped away with the noise. Like a low rumbling with sharp clinks. He stared as the sound grew in volume and clarity. It was a cat and at the moment he realized he saw the pink glow turn a corner. It radiated love off its grey fur and its claws clicked off the brick. Over her fur, a field of pink energy danced and Gordo, in welcome disbelief, said her name.

“Hollow!” The kitten ran to him and was in his arms before he could stand. “You’re here!”

“Yes,” she said, her voice sweet, caring and a feminine feline in his head. “I’m here to give you a message. Pink has sent me.” She crawled up into his shoulder and rubbed her fur against the left side of his face. She purred in his ear, her whiskers tickling him and it sent a cool calm ecstasy throughout his body. “She wants you to look.”

“Look where?” asked Gordo eager to obey.

“Everywhere,” she said and then jumped to the ground.

Gordo looked, but did not see. “Show me.”

“Your message is this: Follow the chameleons. They will lead you to Sahasa.”

Gordo looked around frantically. “Where? You have to show me!”

“Sometimes you have to know something is there before you can see it.” Hollow ran toward him and scaled his body up to his head which she leapt off of and passed through the rusty grate above. “I will miss you, love. Once you are free, so will I be and together we can live in a bond for Sahasa.” She leapt away passing through a bookshelf, her pink light leaving a trail behind her.

Follow the chameleons. He closed his eyes. Follow the chameleons Gordo, he said within. Sahasa, show me your chameleons.