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The Fox 002

The Fox

The following is an excerpt from Book 4 of LIVEONNOEVIL entitled Master Reset:

More wings fluttered to a stop, perched to stare. Monkeys swung overhead, jumping back and forth, crisscrossing the gap above. The gorilla jumped down from the horse-statue’s back, eyes still locked on Gordo who turned to see the railing up the stairs lined with long-beaked tropical colored birds. He started up them any way as bobcats came in more than a dozen, following close behind the silver backed gorilla.

And with each backward step up the stairs, the number of animals grew, all with a faint pink static that moved over them in a field of energy. Hummingbirds zipped by closer and closer. The monkeys were squawking with each leap of descent. The bobcats barred their teeth from salivating mouths and the gorilla stared still using his fists to climb the stairs.

“So how many did you get to?” The stairs leveled off to an archway with a cornerstone that jutted out. Perched upon it sat an orange fox and Gordo noticed him differently than the others, a deep vibrant orange and no pink shimmer. “What was the final count for the ‘Pet Threat’?”

Gordo pulled out his sword and squawks, howls, growls, grunts and rustling feathers filled the air along with the laugh of the orange fox.

“Nothing more than a security blanket at this point. If I were you I’d toss away your silverware and hope they don’t play with their food.”

The thumps down the stairs were inaudible and suddenly the panther was blocking his way up followed by a white and black spotted leopard and a yellow and black spotted cheetah, each covered with the Pink force field.

“Now you’re really fucked,” said the fox, “unless…” and he jumped from the ledge, disappeared only to reappear around Gordo’s shoulders, his tail hanging down Gordo’s bare chest and his head turned with his snout to his ear. “I could talk to them for you, that is, as long as you come with me.”

The animals approached slowly, enjoying the game of it and Gordo grabbed the fox’s tail, swinging him to the ground, but he disappeared before he hit and was back atop the cornerstone.

“Or I can watch them eat you. That’s fine too.”